CAME Gard4 automated barrier

bariera automata, bariere acces auto

The CAME Gard4 automated barrier: the automated barrier that combines design and security.

The automated vehicle barrier for openings of up to 3.75 m (12 feet 341⁄64 inches). Soft profiles, rounded edges, for a solution that is uniquely integrated in various engineering ensembles.

Intermittent LED lighting
Guarantees total visibility of the light signal. The rounded LED signaling light, which guarantees safety and has a long lifespan, as well as the photocells, can be integrated in the body.

Protective case for the barrier arm
Protection against hits and risks caused by rotations of the arm. The protective sleeve fights against danger of cuts during motion of the arm, at its opening and closing.

Electronic elements for commands
Protected by the aluminum case, poured under pressure, positioned such as to facilitate any type of intervention.

Unique integration
The security photocells are fixed directly on the barrier’s body, without affecting the product’s aspect.

AISI 304 stainless steel case also available.

Arm with innovative connector (two methods):

  1. After impact, the arm detaches from the connector
  2. The arm rotates at 90° horizontally
  3. The arm rests on the ground

Energetic economy

  • Inactivity mode
  • Compatible with Zero-E solar electrical pannel.

Benefits of the electrical 24V elements.

  • No more power blackouts. The electronic elements automatically detect any power outage and activate the emergency operating, with the help of the spare batteries. This way, the automated barrier will not remain stuck in the event of a power blackout, stopping the car flow and access.
  • Speed control. According to the requirements, the electronic elements can regulate the operating speed.
  • Intense use. The low-tension gear motors ensure the ideal functioning of the barrier under intense use conditions.
  • Obstacle detection. A special electronic circuit analyses normal operation, stopping or reversing displacement caused by obstacles.
Bariere automata CAME Gard

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